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Samsung vs. Kingston and the best flash drive around

How readers get to this point is entirely up to them. It depends on their lifestyle choices. Perhaps to many reading this, work comes first. So, in order for them to determine which flash drive could be their best flash drive for their purposes, they’d need to take a close look at some of the options available to them today. In actual fact, there are many. It could confuse the issue. Nondescript readers may quickly become overwhelmed or utterly confused.

best flash drive

So, let’s stick with two choices for now. To many, Samsung is well known, but Kingston, now there’s the thing. For all they know, Kingston is just the name of a town somewhere out in the Caribbean. To confuse the issue, one reviewer considered this digital device to be a ‘very straightforward and basic USB’. Digital against basic? Let the readers decide. Anyway, there does seem to be a focus on aesthetics more than purpose where this stick is concerned.

But Samsung is considered to be the ‘king of NAND Flash Technology’. Aesthetics go further here. The Samsung BAR takes into account the need for durability. Durability goes beyond exterior casings. It has been proofed to bits, if you will. The Samsung model here is water proof, shock proof, magnet proof, X-ray proof and even temperature proof. Now that’s durability for you. And yet still, a five year warranty has been provided.

And then along came the Corsair. This is a supreme product of a different sort. The Flash Voyager Slider X1 is packed with 128GB. This goes beyond the above two examples which only provide half the memory and storage capacity. So, with only three choices given here, perhaps readers will want to dig a little deeper, just to be on the safe side.